Milestone 1.4.0 Release of Password Length Inspector

by koddistortion on 2015/05/11 , No comments

The Chrome Extension Password Length Indicator just reached milestone 1.4.0.

The new release is pushed to the Chrome Webstore and should be available in a few minutes. Additionally it can be obtained from the projects GitHub under release 1.4.0.

The following improvements were integrated in version 1.4.0:

  • New – Added option to overwrite displayed password length for URLs (either via simple in-string search or regular expression)
  • New – Added option to manipulate passwords max-length field according to overwritten URL settings
  • Improvement – All storage relevant stuff is now handled in the backend and the content script only sends and receives messages
  • Improvement – Cleaned up HTML code for the settings page and applied material design bootstrap theme
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koddistortionMilestone 1.4.0 Release of Password Length Inspector