Hi there, I’m Oliver Kotte and I develop things

Few things about me

Despite the facts that I studied computer science at the university and that my daily work is composed of analysing cusomters requirements, writing specifications and programming tailored solutions, I still cannot get rid of keyboards and the computers they are connected to in my spare time.

That is why this website serves as my personal outlet for (almost) everything that is development related and does not (almost) have anything to do with my professional work.

That is why my motto is as follows:

Give someone a program and you frustrate him for a day. Teach someone how to program and you frustrate him for a lifetime.

myself (and potentially a lot of other people)

Some of my skills

When it comes to blowing ones owns horn, it most probably is adequate to not go over the top. So instead of describing how marvelous I am at what I do, I am just listing some of my skills and there level of mastery.

HTML + CSS + JavaScript
Java (SE & EE)
C# / .NET

Want to contact me?

As a spare time developer, interested in several technologies and programming languages, you most probably have guessed already, that I am also active in some communities as well. Below you’ll find a selection of social sites where you can find, contact and interact with me.


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